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What is SutureSign?

SutureSign is an electronic signature network that enables senders and signers to work on a common platform, leveraging the network effect to offer both signers and senders a one-stop-shop to sign clinical documents. 

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How It Works

  • Participating agencies send documents for signature
  • Physicians sign documents from all senders in one place- with staff support
  • Both parties get a signed copy
  • Physician's office receive comprehensive billing reports at month-end
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Key Benefits For Signers

One stop shop for e signing

One Stop Shop

  • eSign from all senders in one place
  • Sign for Home Health, Hospice, DME, and everything else
  • Eliminate the need for multiple portals and logins
Reduce burden

Reduce Your Burden

  • Document intelligence automatically routes to the correct signer with key metadata 
  • Signed documents automatically returned to sender
  • Sign from assistant's screen
  • Eliminate duplicates
  • Bulk sign 
capture more revenue

Capture More Revenue

  • Monthly billing reports for signed Home Health certifications and recertifications
  • Care Plan Oversight billing 

Key Benefits for Senders

maximize timely signing

Maximize Timely Signing

  • 3 day national turnaround
  • We follow-up with slow signers
  • Automated email reminders 
  • Fortification against PDGM for Home Health companies
reduce cost

Reduce Cost

  • Eliminate resubmissions and reduce FTEs
  • Decrease accounts receivable by +40%
  • Increase working capital  
  • Reduce operational costs 
build trust with physicians

Build Trust

  • Maximize physician adoption by offering a one-stop shop
  • Simplify physician workflows
  • Marketing and recruitment assistance

What Our Users Say

SutureSign Physician Signer

W. Patrick Gahan, MD, FACP

Senior Care Center Baton Rouge, LA

"We all look at this service as a major advancement in our ability to complete the mandatory paperwork in a timely fashion."

SutureSign Agency User

Kristi Wood

Director of Order Management, St. Vincent's Home Health

"SutureSign is a game changer! Their follow-ups have directly improved our cash flow and make my job a lot easier. Physicians didn't even realize how much money they were leaving on the table."

HSD Dr. Jill Studley-April 17

Jill Studley, MD

Baylor House Calls and Transitional Care Dallas

"This program is unbelievable. I can't tell you how excited I am. I can safely say you have saved us 0.5 FTE staff time and significant time for the physicians. This is really fantastic!"

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