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Designed by physicians, SutureHealth works like you do and makes eSigning painless. By emulating familiar clinical workflows and eliminating frustrating duplicates, reclaim your time and sign all documents from outside companies in one place while monetizing your signature.

What's not to love?



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One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

eSign documents from all senders including home health, hospice, DME, and everything else in one place

Bulk Sign

Bulk Sign

Sign multiple documents from multiple senders with one click

Monetize Your Signature

Monetize Your Signature

Capture your home health signature revenue with monthly, automated billing reports



Eliminate Duplicates

Eliminate Duplicates

Get email reminders instead of duplicates

Sign Without Logging In

Sign Without Logging In

Sign from your staff person's screen ... just like they ask you to sign on paper, but easier and faster

Document Intelligence

Document Intelligence

Documents automatically assigned to the correct patient with the right billing code


SutureHealth Also Provides


Familiar Clinical Workflows

  • NEW enhanced workflows for NP/PAs to sign

  • Have your staff review and prepare documents

  • View documents only when they are ready to sign

  • Reject documents you don't want to sign

  • Eliminate the fax machine "chaos"

  • Documents automatically routed to the right signer




Signer Assistant - w Border

Sign How You Want

You can sign:

  • Individually
  • In bulk
  • From your screen
  • From your staff person's screen (so you don't have to log in)

All while eliminating the need for multiple portals and logins... So what are you waiting for?


Signer - Sign All-1

Automatically Returned To Sender

No need to fax documents back!

  • Signed and rejected documents are automatically returned to sender

  • We keep a copy for your records

  • Download documents as PDFs for placement in your chart

  • Integrate with your EMR


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Two Great Ways To Get Started:

Community (Free)

Encourage all senders to use SutureHealth
Senders pay for the service
Senders are able to work with all signers



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Enterprise (Paid)

Force all senders to use SutureHealth
Enterprise-level reporting and support
Care Plan Oversight billing (Optional)
EMR integration (Optional)


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"This program is unbelievable. I can't tell you how excited I am. So glad I found you at AGS!! I can safely say you have saved us 0.5 FTE staff time and significant time for the physicians. This is really fantastic! THANK YOU!
HSD Dr- Jill Studley-April 17-1
Jill Studley, MD
Baylor House Calls and Transitional Care
"It is fabulous. It's so easy and now Ginny reviews the INR orders and sends the approved ones to me to just sign! That helps even more! It's the best."
SutureSign Is Used by Physicians
Gwen Windham, MD
University of Mississippi
"I am so grateful for SutureSign. It is the best thing ever, 7 fold."
SutureSign for Physicians
Mark Gould, MD
Transitional Care Program