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Physicians have rejected your EMR portal because it requires them to log into separate systems for every company they work with. As a network, SutureSign gives physicians one place to eSign documents from all senders while giving you access to every physician on the network. SutureSign also helps physicians capture their signature-related revenue-maximizing physician adoption and reducing the cost of getting signatures.


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SutureSign Network


Maximize TImely Signing

Maximize Timely Signing

With our average 3-day national turnaround time

Increase Working Capital

Increase Working Capital

Reduce operational costs and increase cash flow

Slow Signer Follow-ups

Slow Signer Follow-ups

We follow up with them via phone or email to get documents signed quickly 

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Build Trust

By offering a one-stop-shop with simplified workflows

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Eliminate resubmissions and reduce FTEs

Maximize Physician Adoption

Maximize Physician Adoption

With marketing and recruitment assistance


SutureSign Allows You To


Send Your Own Documents

  • Easily upload and send your existing documents
  • Overlaying templates ensure you get a signature and date every time
  • Integrate with your EMR


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Physicians Sign With Ease

  • Staff review and prepare documents from all senders
  • Physicians sign individually or in bulk
  • Physicians can even sign from their staff person's screen - without logging in
  • Be sure to look at our signer features


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Track Progress

  • Highly effective tracking - filterable by physician, practice, patient, and much more
  • Slow-signer follow-ups performed by SutureHealth staff
  • See what is happening on the physician's side (you can't get that with fax!)
  • Download signed documents
  • Rejected documents display immediately with the reason


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There Are Two Great Ways To Get Started With SutureSign:

Referred By Physician (Free)


"One-stop shop" for sending and signing from all providers 

MD signing from nurse's screen  + bulk signing

Monthly MD billing reports

Call-center follow-ups to maximize timely signing

Reduce accounts receivable by 40% + eliminate resubmissions

Reduce operational expenses and entire FTEs for order tracking

Marketing and recruitment assistance

Create your FREE account 

Enterprise (Paid)


Enjoy all of the features of a FREE account plus, these additional benefits:

Work with ALL of your physicians (not just paying physicians)

We follow-up with slow signers to expedite turnaround

Marketing training and assistance to recruit your physicians

Enterprise-level support

Average nationwide turnaround- 3 days

Schedule a 1:1 Meeting


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"SutureSign is a game changer! Their follow-ups have directly improved our cash flow and make my job a lot easier. Physicians didn't even realize how much money they were leaving on the table."
Kristi Wood
St. Vincent's Home Health
"I found SutureSign to be very easy! You don't know how happy I am that this program was developed."
Suture Sign for Senders
Kathleen C. Langevin
Office Manager, Boston Podiatry Services
"We all look at this service as a major advancement in our ability to complete the mandatory paperwork in a timely fashion. Thanks again!"
male dr
W. Patrick Gahan, MD, FACP
Senior Care Center