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2020 Home Health Payment Model





Get Your Physicians Ready For PDGM

Your physicians don't know what PDGM is or how it will affect them. Give them our one-page, easy-to-understand Physician’s Guide to post in their office so they know what to expect, your patients get the care they need, and you get paid. Want to add your logo? Contact us for branded versions of our guide.

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PDGM (Patient-Driven Groupings Model) cut the 60-day episode into two 30-day payment periods, requiring claims to be submitted every 30 days with every order signed and more specific diagnoses.

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What PDGM Means For You


SutureHealth Diagnoses


Primary diagnoses must convey the actual reason for referral. Avoid symptom codes. See example codes in our guide.



5 Days signing time


Get your orders signed within 5 days to ensure agencies can submit claims on time and not delay care.

Get physician visit notes signed


Signed physician visit note must contain the reason for homecare at the time of patient referral.



SutureHealth Can Help

SutureSign is a network that gives physicians one place to eSign documents from all senders while giving you access to every physician on our network. SutureSign also helps physicians capture their signature-related revenue-maximizing physician adoption and reducing the cost of getting signatures. To learn more visit our website.

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