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2020 Home Health Payment Model




Why You Should Care

As of January 1, 2020, physicians need to sign home health orders more quickly to avoid care delays, meaning home health companies will be hounding you more frequently than ever before under the new PDGM payment model. Signing on paper simply won’t work.

Post our one-page Physician’s Guide in your office so everyone knows what to expect and your patients get the care they need.

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PDGM (Patient-Driven Groupings Model) cut the 60-day episode into two 30-day payment periods, requiring claims to be submitted every 30 days with every order signed and more specific diagnoses.

Excerpts From the Guide  

What PDGM Means For You


SutureHealth Diagnoses


Primary diagnoses must convey the actual reason for referral. Avoid symptom codes. See example codes in our guide.



5 Days signing time


Sign your orders within 5 days to ensure agencies can submit claims on time and not delay care.

SutureSign is Easy


Make it easy on yourself.

Tell all home health agencies to start sending orders on SutureSign!


SutureHealth Can Help

Designed by physicians, SutureSign works like you do and makes eSigning painless. By emulating familiar clinical workflows and eliminating frustrating duplicates, reclaim your time and sign all documents from outside companies in one place while monetizing your signature. To learn more and stay up to date with home healthcare news visit our website.

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