Are you wondering why you are not receiving signed orders back in a timely manner or not at all?

You might be making one of these four easily avoidable mistakes for getting orders signed:


1. Using Company-Specific Portals 🖥️

Physicians are typically faced with countless accounts and passwords for the portals associated with the companies they work with, and they simply don’t want to sign in multiple times to multiple company-specific portals. The solution is providing them with one portal to access all orders from all of their providers.

2. Sending Duplicate Faxes More Frequently 🖨️

The typical first response when you don’t get an order back is to send another, but that should be avoided. More is not better in this case, because duplicate faxes create physician frustration. If you must fax, we recommend calling to confirm non receipt before refaxing.

3. Increasing Hand Delivery 📄

Another mistake is to revert to hand-delivering orders to your physician’s office when trying to get orders signed. Sometimes you have to, but this should be avoided if possible because not only is it your most costly option, but it also associates your marketers with untimely interruptions and the paperwork burden physicians despise. We recommend reserving face-time for patient reports and activities that support the physician.

4. Not Supporting Physician Revenue Capture 💵

Another common mistake is failing to make it easy for physicians to keep track of billable signatures. This task is usually tough for physicians and exacerbated by duplicates. We recommend making this easier for them which creates an opportunity to incentivize signing. 

These common mistakes increase your effort and cost while frustrating physicians. It is important to focus on supporting physicians, building trust and rectifying the value equation. We recommend SutureSign to avoid making these common mistakes and get your orders signed quickly and cost-effectively while building trust with your physicians. SutureSign is healthcare’s leading electronic solution that enables physicians to sign orders from all outside companies in one place while also tracking and capturing revenue for signing documents. 

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Michael Blackstone

Written by Michael Blackstone

Dr. Michael Blackstone is the co-founder and CEO of SutureHealth, which launched SutureSign, the leading electronic signature solution for healthcare, in 2012.