SutureHealth, a medical software provider that currently offers SutureSign, the leading electronic signature network used by 7,000+ healthcare organizations across 30+ states supporting medical practices, health systems and post-acute providers (i.e. home health) has launched a new brand and site redesign. Most in the industry know the company by its product name, SutureSign. “Our company name has always been SutureHealth, and we wanted our customers and the industry to know that we will be expanding our services beyond electronic
signature while modernizing the brand,” explains CEO, Michael Blackstone, MD.

The new logo represents the disparate healthcare stakeholders interlocking arms while maintaining the idea of “sutures” that serve to mend the communication between them. The clean design exemplifies the company’s fresh and modern identity.The web application, SutureSign, also got a facelift highlighting the new brand colors with an exceptionally clean design. “We are committed to providing an intuitive experience that users actually enjoy,” says Blackstone.
SutureSign is an electronic signature network where senders and signers exchange and sign clinical documents on a common platform – enabling physicians to monetize their signature while signing documents from any outside company in one place.

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About SutureHealth

SutureHealth, a leading healthcare technology company headquartered in Birmingham, AL, is committed to connecting disparate healthcare stakeholders while providing technology to simplify communication, eliminate archaic fax-based methods and automate costly manual processes. Its flagship product is SutureSign, an electronic signature network enabling senders and signers to exchange and sign clinical documents on a common platform.

Michael Blackstone

Written by Michael Blackstone

Dr. Michael Blackstone is the co-founder and CEO of SutureHealth, which launched SutureSign, the leading electronic signature solution for healthcare, in 2012.